Software / Accounting Tools

Business owners in the construction industry tell us that they would like an accounting software system that is reliable, easy to use, can be used on site and can be used by all staff members. There are many and varied software/apps on the market and we understand that it can be daunting searching the internet and reviewing software specifications to see if the software will suit your business. Gold Coast Construction Accountants can assist you to select and implement a system that works for your business. Our steps to success below summarise how we work with you to make this happen.



Steps to success

  1. Complimentary Meeting to discuss your business including where you are at, pain points and where you want to be
  2. Build a business profile to understand your business
  3. Review and select software that fits your business
  4. Present software to make sure that you are comfortable with the software
  5. Software sign-up on trial and implement software
  6. Review after 1 week to check software is operating correctly especially if an app is linked to the main accounting package.

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